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Monday, August 15, 2016

Check your back when you cross the tracks. That is the latest safety message unveiled by G:link in a series of new animated videos released to coincide with Australasian Rail Safety Week 2016.

As part of its ongoing Spike the Rhino safety campaign, G:link has released three short videos to remind the public to take care around trams, which weigh 60 tonnes or as much as 40 rhinos.

Now in its tenth year, Rail Safety Week will be held from 15 – 21 August 2016 and GoldlinQ CEO Phil Mumford said the new videos were just one of many activities planned by G:link to support the community awareness campaign.

“In addition to the new safety videos which will be promoted on social media and at the Arts Centre, G:link staff will also conduct displays at stations and presentations at local schools,” he said.

“Safety is something we take very seriously and Spike the Rhino has proven very popular since launching this time last year as part of Rail Safety Week.

“The theme of this year’s safety week is that rail safety is everyone’s responsibility which is reflected in the new videos and reminds pedestrians and motorists to watch their back when they cross the track.”

G:link’s latest safety campaign also aims to highlight that close calls can still cause accidents when trams must stop suddenly to avoid a collision.

“When a driver applies the emergency brake to avoid a collision it can put passengers on board at risk and that is why it so important to stay alert around trams,” said Mr Mumford.

“Our aim is to achieve zero harm and we would also like to remind passengers to hold on or sit down at all times while riding the G:.

“The safety of passengers and the community is a priority for G:link and if we all pay attention and follow the existing road rules we will all be safe.”

Across Australia and New Zealand approximately 45 organisations will participate in Rail Safety Week which is an industry initiative that has been running since 2006.

Simple safety tips for pedestrians and motorists include:

  • Always  cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings when a green walk symbol is displayed
  • Look over your shoulder and check your back before crossing the tracks. Trams may be approaching from behind.
  • Always use pedestrian paths, never walk along the tracks
  • When driving on the roads around trams the message is simple: follow the existing road rules and we will all be safe.
  • Only perform U-turns at signalised intersections with the U-turn permitted sign
  • Keep the tracks clear. This includes when queuing across an intersection
  • Only drive over the tracks where directed to do so (e.g. at intersections). Tracks are for trams.

For more information on the Beware the Rhino safety campaign visit

Now in its tenth year Rail Safety Week 2016 will be held 15 – 21 August 2016, to find out more about this campaign, visit